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You'll need Microsoft Windows Media Player to view the webcast and the videos. Check these minimum system requirements then download and install the free player.

If you have any problems, consult our help page.


Download Windows Media Player


To view webcasts and streaming videos your computer must meet some minimum system requirements. The videos are best viewed using Microsoft's Windows Media Player™. If you have a newer PC you may already have the player installed as part of the Windows operating system. If you're running an older PC, or if you use a Macintosh, you will need to download and install the player. Follow these easy instructions:


1. CHECK that your computer and internet connection meet these minimum system requirements.

2. DOWNLOAD Windows Media Player. It's free! Windows Media Player

(Windows XP does not require a download. If you use an older, slower PC, choose Windows Media Player 7.1).

If you use a Macintosh and have OS X v10.4 or greater visit Flip4Mac to install a plug-in for Quicktime to play Windows Media files. If you use an older version of a Mac OS then simply Download Windows Media Player 7 for Mac or Windows Media Player for Mac OSX (Windows Media Player is very Mac friendly).

3. INSTALL Windows Media Player, following the instructions provided.

4. PLAY the videos in either of two bandwidths options, depending upon the speed of your internet connection:

- if you have a 56k modem, choose LOW bandwidth.
- if you have a DSL or Cable modem, choose MID or High bandwidth.


HELP is always available. if you encounter any problems viewing the webcasts or videos, contact one of our technicians.


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