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You'll need Microsoft Windows Media Player to view the webcast and the videos. Check these minimum system requirements then download and install the free player.

If you have any problems, consult our help page.


Help with Viewing Live Webcasts and Videos


If you are behind a firewall then you must open the following ports to view the streaming videos.

Out: TCP on 1755
Out: UDP on 1755
In: UDP between port 1024-5000

More information on firewalls.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I play the streaming videos?

To watch the streaming videos you need to install the Windows Media® Player on your computer. It's FREE and easy to install. If you do not have the Windows Media Player, you may get the Player now.

How do I download the streaming videos files to my computer?

While not all of our files can be downloaded due to copyright restrictions, those that can be are clearly marked. To download, you must right click on the link and do one of the following:

Netscape: select <save link as...>
Internet Explorer: select <save target as...>


Do I have to pay for the Windows Media Player?

No. The Windows Media Player software is FREE.


How do I download and install the Windows Media Player®?

To download and install the Windows Media Player using Internet Explorer:

  1. Click "Get Windows Media Player now" below.
  2. In the box that pops up, select Run this program from its current location and then click OK.
  3. When the security warning appears, click Yes to continue installing.
  4. The program will then present you with an End User License Agreement. Click Yes if you agree to comply.
  5. While installing the Media Player, you'll specify your Internet connection speed. Choose between 14.4K, 19.2K, 28.8K, 56K Modem/ISDN, 112K Modem/Dual-ISDN, T1/Lan, or Unknown/Other. If you do not know your connection speed, ask your network administrator or refer to your modem documentation
  6. Click OK.
  7. After you click OK, the Windows Media Player will open. You are now ready to listen to Windows Media sound samples.


Why are the videos not playing for me?

Your version of Window Media Player is earlier than 6.3.

Your computer, the operating system, and/or your internet connection do not meet the system requirements.

You may be trying to watch a MID bandwidth video with with a 56K dialup modem connection. Choose the LOW bandwidth video file instead.

You're trying to view the videos with an incompatible player. Most players, including RealPlayer™, will not work.

If you are receiving a specific error message, refer to the Windows Media Player Error Code Page


What is the difference between mid and low bandwidths?

Bandwidth refers to the speed of your Internet connection.
A MID bandwidth connection refers to a cable modem or dsl connection to the Internet.
A LOW bandwidth connection refers to a 56k dial up modem connection.


I am still having problems. Where can I get more help?

If you are still having problems viewing our videos, please contact:

Compression control room:
during Live Broadcasts, 909-869-4977

Trevor Henderson, trevor@csupomona.edu
Streaming/Video Engineer, 909-979-6317

Imran Hamid, imran@csupomona.edu
Server Administration/Streaming Engineer, 909-979-6319

Please describe the nature of the problem, the program with version number, the Operating System you are running and how to get in touch with you.




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