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Starting June 11, 2018 links to our old server ( will not be active as we move to our new video server (
If you are currently using content on our old server, please submit a link move request.

Get Microsoft Silverlight For the best viewing experience, please click here to install the Silverlight plug-in. (What is Silverlight?) If you are unable to install Silverlight, click here for more information on how to view the videos. Silverlight does not work with Chrome, please use another browser.


We have detected that you do not have Silverlight or the necessary version installed to view videos in this website. Use the instructions below to install it.

To view webcasts and streaming videos on our website your computer must meet some minimum system requirements. The videos and interactive elements on this website use Microsoft Silverlight, a cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device browser plug-in that can deliver high quality video streaming and rich-internet applications and experiences on the Web.

To see a list of Silverlight compatible operating systems and browsers, please visit the following link and click on System Requirements:

Follow these easy instructions to setup Microsoft Silverlight on your computer:

  1. CHECK that your computer and internet connection meet the minimum system requirements.

  2. DOWNLOAD Microsoft Silverlight. It's free! Click the button below to begin downloading.
    Get Microsoft Silverlight

  3. INSTALL Microsoft Silverlight, following the instructions provided.

  4. PLAY the videos in either of two bandwidths options, depending upon the speed of your internet connection:
    • if you have a 56k modem, choose LOW bandwidth.
    • if you have a DSL or Cable modem, choose MID or High bandwidth.


If you are using a Linux system please use the following link to install Moonlight. Moonlight is an open source implementation of Silverlight, primarily for Linux and other Unix/X11 based operating systems.

Desktops or laptops are required to view all the videos on this site. IOS and Android devices such as tablets/smartphones are not currently supported by silverlight. (you can use Microsoft tablets to view the videos)

HELP is always available. if you encounter any problems viewing the webcasts or videos, contact one of our technicians.

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